Facebook Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys :

  I was looking around Facebook earlier for the first time in quite a while when I noticed that you can use shortcut keys on your keyboard to navigate through the site, so I’ve put this little list together. It’s for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer users.

- New Message

Out of all the shortcut keys, this is the only one that doesn’t work with all versions of Internet Explorer, which is fine, Internet Explorer is a piece of junk anyway. If you’re still using it, you should slap yourself now, then go download Chrome or Firefox.Jokes aside, pressing one of the following will bring up the ‘New Message’ box, like in the picture to the right.

Chrome: ALT + M
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + M
Explorer: ALT + M + ENTER

 - Search Shortcut

Using one of the following will put the cursor in the search box. 
Not the most useful shortcut for Facebook, but I suppose it’s not bad for
laptop users without a mouse.
Chrome: ALT + ?
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + ?
Explorer: ALT + ? + ENTER

 - Home Page / News Feed

I quite like this one, especially when 
I’m using a laptop without a mouse, it’s a bit easier than using a touchpad.
Chrome: ALT + 1
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + 1
Explorer: ALT + 1 + ENTER

 - Profile Page Shortcut

 Like the home page shortcut, this is one of the better ones.
Chrome: ALT + 2
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + 2
Explorer: ALT + 2 + ENTER

- Friend Requests

Check your friend requests.
Chrome: ALT + 3
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + 3
Explorer: ALT + 3 + ENTER

-Messages Shortcut

Check your messages.
Chrome: ALT + 4
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + 4
Explorer: ALT + 4 + ENTER


See your notifications.
Chrome: ALT + 5
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + 5
Explorer: ALT + 5 + ENTER

-Account Settings


Shortcut for your account settings.
Chrome: ALT +6
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + 6
Explorer: ALT + 6 + ENTER

-Privacy Settings


Changing your privacy settings.
Chrome: ALT + 7
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + 7
Explorer: ALT + 7 + ENTER

-Facebook’s Official Page


I doubt you’ll be needing to access the Facebook’s official page often, if at all, but it’s a shortcut none the less.
Chrome: ALT + 8
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + 8
Explorer: ALT + 8 + ENTER

-Service Agreement


Probably the most useless of shortcuts.
Chrome: ALT + 9
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + 9
Explorer: ALT + 9 + ENTER

-Help Center


This shortcut, as the name suggests, will open up the help center. Unless you’re someone who searches on the help center frequently, I doubt you’ll find much use for this one.
Chrome: ALT + 0
Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + 0
Explorer: ALT + 0 + ENTER

-Like Or Unlike Photos

 You can like or unlike any photos in Light Box with any browser by pressing ‘L’ on the keyboard!







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